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Dr. Kotrba and the therapists at Thriving Minds Behavioral Health specialize in the expert assessment and treatment of Selective Mutism. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to treat the child both in the office and then in natural settings.  Therapy consists of development of a fear hierarchy, which ranks steps of communication by level of distress. Then, the child is encouraged to take systematic steps through the hierarchy through modeling, stimulus fading, and use of coping strategies. In order to provide a inclusive treatment program, therapists regularly consult with the school and assist with both parents and school personnel in setting up weekly exposures (opportunities to practice being "brave" by facing fears in a methodical way outside of the clinical setting).

Dr. Aimee Kotrba is the owner and lead psychologist of Thriving Minds Behavioral Health, a pediatric psychology clinic dedicated to providing exceptional, research-based behavioral treatment for Selective Mutism and related anxiety issues. Dr. Kotrba serves on the Selective Mutism Group (SMG) Board of Directors, and regularly offers local workshops on the identification and treatment of Selective Mutism for parents, professionals, and school personnel.  Dr. Kotrba's work has appeared in numerous media outlets, including Parent Magazine, as well as MetroParent Magazine, and Livingston County Parent Magazine.  She is a nationally-recognized speaker and expert on the assessment and treatment of Selective Mutism.

Dr. Aimee Kotrba earned her masters and doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  Following completion of her degree, she obtained specialized experience in pediatric psychology at Children's Hospital of Michigan and William Beaumont Hospital's Center for Human Development.

What Our Clients Say: 

Her assistance has truly made a wonderful impact on our student! She has continued to speak with our teachers and is branching out with peers and other adults. We are so thankful for her! Our team would highly recommend her services!
Dr. Aimee was a wonderful asset to our educational team. Our student was significantly struggling with communication. She was only able to provide a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’, but even this was a difficult task at times. Dr. Aimee was able to ‘fade in’ staff members and our student is now communicating with short utterances. She also provided a wonderful training to our staff.
Wow, what a beautiful day she had! She has far exceeded our expectations for this week and it has been awesome watching her walk so proudly!! I went into the classroom today to get the bag and she actually yelled across the room to ask me a question!”
- a parent after an intensive intervention
The genuine and compassionate care we received from all individuals throughout the entire process, from scheduling the initial appointment through our patient care experience, was appreciated. We also greatly appreciated the extensive report regarding our daughter’s condition and recommended treatment and follow-up plans. Words cannot express how grateful we are; our experience at Thriving Minds has changed our lives.



Upcoming Documentary

Thriving Minds Behavioral Health is proud to be part of this upcoming documentary by UNI Film Productions- Selective Mutism: Documentary in Production. We encourage you to watch this short trailer to learn more.



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Thriving Minds Behavioral Health

10524 East Grand River, Suite 100

Brighton, MI 48116

Phone: (810) 225-3417


Please note: Dr. Kotrba cannot adequately respond to clinical questions through email, nor is email a secure mode of communication.  Instead, please contact TMBH at the above phone number and leave a confidential message.  Calls will be returned as soon as possible.