In-School Treatment


The therapists at Thriving Minds Behavioral Health offer expert intensive in-school intervention at the child's school (nationally and internationally). Intensive in-school treatment for Selective Mutism includes a two-pronged intervention:

  1. First, approximately twenty hours over four days is spent in individual treatment with the child in the school setting. This intervention consists of behavioral treatment (exposure, systematic desensitization, stimulus fading, and shaping), starting in a private school setting with the child with the goal of shaping speech into the classroom setting.

  2. Second, the intervention includes training school personnel to continue the intervention following treatment. This is best accomplished by both one to two hours of training with involved school staff (all staff who come into regular contact with the child) as well as more intensive training and real-time guidance in behavioral treatment with the child’s case manager in the school setting.

Initial research and clinical observations suggest that intensive in-school intervention shortens the length of treatment and assists in generalizing speech to school settings/personnel.  Past intensive interventions have resulted in significant increases in the number of adult and peer communication partners.  

In-school interventions are very appropriate for out-of-town families who would like to work with an expert in Selective Mutism.  The therapist will travel and spend 4 days within the school working directly with your child, and will follow up with continued consultations with the school, so that gains can be maintained and continued. 

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