Intensive Treatment


Hotel Information:

For those families traveling to the area and prior clients we recommend the following hotels in the Chelsea area:

Comfort Inn, Chelsea MI

Weber's Inn, Ann Arbor, MI

Hampton Inn, Ann Arbor,  MI

Thriving Minds Behavioral Health offers intensive-dose interventions for children with Selective Mutism. Intensive-dose behavioral treatment includes 5-6 hours of fun, engaging behavioral treatment per day over the course of 3-4 days. Children treated with intensive-dose intervention at Thriving Minds Behavioral Health add an average of 8-10 new speaking partners in one week! New research suggests that intensive-dose behavioral therapy offers many benefits, including:

1.       Significantly faster treatment (most children make 12 weeks of therapy progress in 3-4 days of intensive-dose intervention).

2.       The ability to work with experts in the field of Selective Mutism.

3.       Parents are trained in practical strategies to help their child “be brave”!

4.       The training of school personnel to generalize techniques to the school setting.

5.       A specific, detailed report with diagnostic impressions and a comprehensive treatment plan.

6.       Continued teleconferences to maintain growth and gains, if desired.

Intensive-dose intervention is available in-clinic (at Thriving Minds Family Services in Chelsea, Michigan) or in-school (nationally and internationally).  In-school intensive treatment offers the benefit of treatment directly in the school and with school personnel.


Costs of in-clinic intensives:

Each day consists of approximately 5 hours of services for the patient.
3-day intensives total cost is approximately $3,160.
4-day intensives total cost is approximately $4,010.
Please note: These costs are estimated based on current discussions with Thriving Minds therapists and/or staff members and can change based on patient needs during the intensive therapy sessions.

** One day of therapy may have one session with 2 different therapists.

Costs are the same as above, with the addition of the cost of travel (mileage or flight costs), hotel, $50/day per diem, and $750 - $1000 out of office charge.

***Thriving Minds is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Traditional plans only which may cover a portion of the cost of treatment. Parents with BCBS can contact their insurance company with the above codes (and diagnostic code F94.0, Selective Mutism) to ascertain coverage. Children with other insurance coverage may still be eligible for out-of-network reimbursement; contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage.

Help your child grow their voice and their confidence – call today to schedule at (810) 225-3417 or email at to ask specific questions to Katelyn Reed, Selective Mutism Program Director and lead psychologist at Thriving Minds Family Services.

Typical goals of intensives (subject to change depending on the needs of the child):

1.       Diagnostic intake interview and Selective Mutism evaluation.

2.       Obtain speech with therapist via behavioral intervention.

3.       Generalize speech in public to peers and adults (e.g., restaurants, stores, playgrounds, etc.).

4.       Train parents, school, and caregivers in behavioral intervention.

5. Teach child about anxiety and worry thoughts in a developmentally friendly way.  

What Parents Are Saying:

“Wow!  What a beautiful day she has had!  She has far exceeded our expectations for this week and it has been awesome watching her walk so proudly!! I went in to the classroom today to get the bag and she actually yelled across the room to ask me a question!”

“I feel like she is so thankful she is able to talk and be herself so much more often….it’s been really amazing to watch.”

“I am so incredibly grateful I found you.”

“You truly changed the path of our lives, and I will forever be grateful for you.”

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