Professional Workshops & Trainings

Understanding Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety: Evidence-Based Intervention for Schools and Parents

Friday, October 26th- Workshop and Live Webinar

 This one day workshop is designed for mental health care professionals, school personnel, and parents.  Workshops are generally held twice per calendar year.  Topics include how to identify Selective Mutism, best practices for using assessment to direct treatment, specific behavioral strategies for intervention, and practical techniques for reducing anxiety.  The cost of the workshop is $169; this includes a workshop informational packet and snacks.  Lunch is on your own.

This is by far the best workshop I’ve attended. Dr. Kotrba is an excellent and engaging speaker.

CEUs will be offered for Psychologists, Social Workers, and Marriage/Family Therapists - there will be a $25 fee for CEUs collected.  CEs can be obtained through R. Cassidy; a link is provided on the registration page, where registrants can directly sign up for Continuing Education credits.

The next workshop is scheduled for Friday, October 26th,  2018. A live webinar will also be offered on the same day. To register for the in-person workshop or live webinar, click here

Aimee Kotrba, Ph.D.

Dr. Kotrba is a nationally-recognized speaker on the assessment and treatment of Selective Mutism, and offers half-day and full-day workshops.  Please contact Dr. Kotrba at (810) 225-3417 to schedule a workshop in your area, or go to to see Dr. Kotrba's schedule of upcoming workshops (type "Selective Mutism" into the Title area and search to see scheduled workshops).

What Past Workshop Attendees Have Said

Dr. Aimee Kotrba has conducted scores of professional workshops over the past several years. She loves engaging with attendees and hearing about the positive impact the information has had on their lives. 

As a person who tends to get awfully fidgety during all-day conference sessions (especially on beautiful fall days), it is a pleasure to say I was completely captivated throughout the whole presentation. Your presentation has motivated me to continue brainstorming supports for the students on my caseload and in the rest of my school district – we have a general lack of support/knowledge around this disability in our district and in our state – who have SM. I will be consulting with my fellow SLPs and sharing what I’ve learned.
— Amanda, Workshop Participant
Dr. Kotrba offered practical strategies that could be immediately implemented! “

”This gives us the starting point we have been needing for so long!