Speaking Engagements

Dr. Aimee Kotrba is the owner and lead psychologist of Thriving Minds Behavioral Health, a pediatric psychology clinic dedicated to providing exceptional, research-based behavioral treatment for Selective Mutism and related anxiety issues. Dr. Kotrba is a nationally-known speaker on a number of topics in pediatric psychology, and has provided hundreds of trainings and workshops coast-to-coast for schools, clinics, and organizations. 

Workshops Include:

  • Executive functioning
  • When to worry about it a child’s worries
  • ADHD- How to Identify and How to Help
  • Social Anxiety in Teens
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Selective Mutism
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Protocol Training and Strategies for School-Based Professionals
As an SLP, I happily attended Dr. Kotrba’s conference and immediately began using her comfort ladder with a preschooler with SM. Within 2 weeks, another member of the team, our psychologist, asked me what had  I been doing in my treatment sessions. She reported that our student is using an appropriately loud voice in counseling sessions, instead of the usual whisper. I could see immediate progress with my student but was pleasantly surprised that he was quickly able to carry over his voice with other members of the team. I highly recommend this conference to anyone who wants to learn from a knowledgeable teacher about easy to use techniques to treat Selective Mutism.


-Debra, B., School SLP

Whether it’s a one-day training, keynote, or break-out session, Dr. Kotrba can customize an engaging and informative talk for your group’s special needs.  Please contact Dr. Kotrba to schedule a workshop in your area.

Contact Information:

Email: information@drkotrba.com

Phone: (810) 225-341