Dear Dr. Kotrba, I felt compelled to write to you to share an amazing success story thanks to you. I attended one of your workshops in October (I’m a kindergarten teacher), along with my school’s Psychologist. Neither of us have had any prior experience with children with SM. We went back to school armed with your hierarchy and an effective plan for our student. Within a month of following your steps, our student was communicating in a full whisper in the classroom (previously only nodded, gestured or mouthed), and a full voice to the Psychologist in her office, and a full voice to me in a private area in the classroom and hallway. In January, he began using a full voice in the classroom in front of all his peers! For the first few days, he needed a gentle prompt to switch to a voice, a prompt that he expressed he wanted. He designated to us that he wanted us to say “voice” as a prompt. Within 3 or 4 days of prompting, he began using his voice with no prompting. As of today, our student communicates in full voice in class and to certain adults out of the room. Interestingly, he will speak to anyone ib our classroom including people he has never met! He raises his hand to answer questions all day in elaborate responses, not one word answers. He volunteers and participates in all our class activities! We are now helping him become stronger in self-advocacy skills/ being able to ask for help. We are also helping him establish relationships with the first grade teachers to ease the transition next year. He engages in partner work with classmates. I cannot thank you enough for the information we received at your workshop. I’m amazed that we were able to learn so much In only a few hours together. After living a life of silence for 4 years, you have empowered us to give this little boy his voice back. Working with him has proven to be the most rewarding experience not only for me as a teacher, but also as a human being. Thank you!
— Anonymous Client
Thank you so much for your help. I am very excited because she has made an unbelievable amount of progress. I have actually been working with her for a year and a half now and it wasn’t until I implemented the strategies that you gave us in the workshop that I have seen real gains. So since the beginning of the in the beginning of this MONTH....she went from not saying a word to talking and playing games. Thank you so much for your really are amazing.
— Amy, Guidance Counselor